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Poster: Vestigio at 8/20/2006 4:33:57 PM PDT
Subject: hacked account
   i know there are a ton of threads about this around now...but my account got hacked today, all my gear, everything...gone. I made a post asking about why so many accounts had been hacked and got some response about a trojan hidden in an addon that we all had in common. The fact is hardly any of these people have the same addons that i have, so i know taht isn't the case. I think that there is a major account security issue goin on, and you need to look into it before more people get pissed off and decide taht it isn't worth the trouble of playing if their account is just gonna get hacked.

I've got a gm ticket out to ask about it, but is there anything else i should do?
Poster: Kaone at 8/20/2006 5:07:42 PM PDT
Subject: Re: hacked account
   Hi Vestigio,

I am sorry to hear that your account was hacked. Contacting a Game Master regarding your compromised account is the first step you should undertake. The Game Master will examine your issue and if necessary will initiate the process required to enable you to re-secure your account and have it investigated for damages. While awaiting the Game Master I would recommend reading through this post:

Good luck.
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Poster: Kaone at 8/20/2006 5:24:04 PM PDT
Subject: Re: hacked account

Q u o t e:
thanks kaone....any idea why so many are gettin hacked lately?

While obviously I am unable to disclose the actual numbers of accounts reported compromised, it does not appear to have varied significantly recently. Keep in mind that trojans may give the appearance of an actual increase due to their nature to be spread/shared amongst players who know each other. Also one can not depend of a single virus scanner to be able to detect or remove all such trojans - especially new ones. It is better to protect oneself by avoiding the types of activities/downloads that could lead to "infection" by a trojan in the first place, than it is to try and "clean" any trojans you get on your computer system.
Half King of Beasts + half Monarch of the Skies = ?

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