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Poster: Lulafairy at 8/19/2006 4:40:51 PM PDT
Subject: Urgent need of a blue responce
My account has been locked due to a situation with a stolen credit card info and chargebacks. It has been this way for almost 6 weeks and I have paid.

I called Blizz and spoke with CS rep Que, he informed me of why the account was locked an if I sent $14.95 to a P.O. box my account would be restored. I overnighted the M/O (an extra $15) and a little over 2 weeks later I recieved an email stating you all recieved the $14 but $29.98 was still owed on the account in fees. I spoke with another CS rep and was told to mail a M/O in the amount to the address I had used previously. I sent the M/O 10 days ago overnighted again! Yesterday (friday 18th Aug.) I recieved an email stating I owed $14.99 then the account would be unlokced.

I have been patient with the locked account situation, I have apaid all that was told to me at first and even sent a 2nd m/o as asked both times I was told the account would be up as soon as the payment was recieved.

I am now lost as to whats going on and I cant seem to get anyone on the phone at blizz during work hours. I tried for 2 hours yesterday.

I have missed my guild transfering servers, all the 1st boss kills in Naxx since the move. My splinter for the staff (top DKP) The AQ gate opening which until my account was locked I was closest top haveing the septer. Not to mention I miss my priest. I have played this game since it came out and have never had the trouble I an having now.

I am posting from my husbands account since there is no way to use mine.

Poster: Kaone at 8/20/2006 9:27:32 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Urgent need of a blue responce
   Hello Lulafairy,

I am sorry to hear of your frustrating time with trying to unfreeze your account. We have quite stringent workflow for cases classified as fraud/chargeback. To discuss whether certain payments have been received by us and how much - if anything - is remaining, you will need to get in contact with our Billing Department. The Billing Department's contact details are:

I would recommend you use the Website E-mail Form as this would be the fastest way outside of direct phone contact. I wish you the best with this and hope you get your account up and running soon.
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