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Poster: Anecromancer at 8/19/2006 3:05:44 PM PDT
Subject: Name Change
   I think Blizzard should let every1 change their names once in a lifetime , cause many people didnt think of their names when they first started , because they probably didnt knew they will get far ingame and then they realise they need to change their name becuase the one they allready own doesnt fit them . Pls take this into consideration.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/19/2006 3:12:53 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Name Change
   Currently, our Game Master staff will not change character names that do not violate our Naming Policy. If you would like to see this policy change, please feel free to re-post this in the Suggestions Forum. Thank you, Anecromancer.
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