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Poster: Frenzie at 8/19/2006 2:49:13 PM PDT
Subject: Lordamere Internment camp respawns
   I am really upset right now about how quickly all the guys respawn at the internment camp in alterac mountains. For starters, I am a level 30 priest. Now, the quest called Prison Break In is orange to me. It shouldn't be though, because the guy you have to kill in the end is level 35 (red) and the woman you also have to kill in the same room is also red at level 36. This is ridiculous, because also, the guys respawn so ridiculously fast that by the time you've killed 2 mobs, the last ones are alive again and aggroing on you. It took me an ENTIRE HOUR AND A HALF to finally get through the house the guy is in and past the spawns fast enough to not have to kill them 6-7 times each... by the time I finally killed the level 36, a 7 minute long fight during which I didn't know if I would make it or not, and I was very pleased to think I was finally going to finish this god damn quest. I got the final guy down to about 20% health, and he started running away in fear... at 20% health. do the math... he then aggroed the guys who had already respawned at the top of the stairs, that I had just finished killing.... needless to say I died, and it's pointless to try again because I already spent 2 bloody hours on this quest. the respawns are ridiculous, and the level requirements are misleading. you go from having level 31-32 guys outside that you have to kill, fair enough fight for a level 30... to level 35-36, and you guys only give us 4 minutes to kill them before we get our butts handed to us by the dudes we thought were dead.

please do something about this... by far the most ridiculous quest I have ever attempted... and that's including every quest I've done with my level 60 shaman, level 38 warlock, and level 28 druid. I'll have to find some level 60 to help me finish it. what a waste of time.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/19/2006 3:10:27 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Lordamere Internment camp respawns
   The Suggestions Forum would, in fact, be your best bet, if you would like the respawn rate to be lengthened for these specific NPCs. Please keep in mind, however, that "orange" quests are intended to be very difficult for your level. I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused and wish you the best of luck, Frenzie. :)
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