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Poster: Cascade at 8/19/2006 2:36:15 PM PDT
Subject: Brood Ring Reward
   I have seen the issues with the ring reward and the various posts by blues and GMs stating that they cannot change the quest series that a character has chosen, once accepted. However..

On 8/19/06,

Kaone responsed with the following tidbit:
Even if hypothetically you somehow got one of the rings from the other paths you would still be on The Path of the Protector version's quest series. This means when it is time to rank up to the next reputation level's version you will be stuck - unable to turn in The Path of the Protector ring in order to receive the improved version.[/qoute]

Given that statement...Can those that have received the undesired reward petition a GM for a restore of the desired ring at the same reputation level that the player is at even thou, if at some future date, they completed the next step of the quest, they would be given the original, undesired reward?

Ex. My caster toon is currently revered and has the melee revered reward. Can a GM use a players restore to provide the appropriate revered caster ring with the understanding that the player is still on the melee path and if turned in, the melee upgrade would be rewarded?
Poster: Caerrus at 8/19/2006 3:02:39 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Brood Ring Reward
   I'm afraid that would not be possible, Cascade. In the above hypothetical situation, having a Game Master restore the desired ring (at the same reputation level as the current ring the player has) would prevent the player from being able to complete the next step of the quest. By having the desired ring restored, the player would no longer have the ring that's necessary to turn in, in order to complete the next step of the quest. The player would then be stuck with that ring and would be unable to progress further.

With that said, it's not necessary to create additional threads regarding the same topic. Please feel free to continue discussing this issue in the following thread:
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