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Poster: Shawnee at 8/19/2006 12:30:26 PM PDT
Subject: Recruit A Friend and Retail Free Game Trial
   This is a question in regards to how the "Recruit A Friend" program works. Currently I have a friend on their 10-day trial. They are more than likely going to purchase the game. However - in the email it states:

Q u o t e:
2. When your friend upgrades to a full version of World of Warcraft and then pays for their first month of game time, your account will be automatically credited with a FREE 30-day World of Warcraft subscription.

However - and I dont know if this is still going on - when I purchased the game, there was a FREE TRIAL period of Warcraft before the first billing. Is that free trial no longer available with current Warcraft purchases, and if it is, does this mean that folks who took advantage of the RECRUIT A FRIEND dont have access to it?

Were thinking of getting the game, and would have to have spent all that time lvling if we could have just bought the game outright and got the free month. Let me know - thanks.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/19/2006 12:35:46 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Recruit A Friend and Retail Free Game Trial
   That's an excellent question, Shawnee. If you friend chooses to upgrade his Trial Account to a full version online on the Account Management page, it will be necessary for him to pay the activation fee. A 30-day subscription is included in the activation fee, just as it is included in the purchase of a retail (boxed) version of World of Warcraft.

After your friend upgrades and pays for his first month's subscription (this would be his second month of play, since the first is included in the upgrade price), the person who referred him will also receive an additional 30 days of game time. I hope that answers your question. :)
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Poster: Caerrus at 8/19/2006 1:09:32 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Recruit A Friend and Retail Free Game Tri
   Please accept my apologies for the confusion. Your friend may choose to either (a) purchase a retail copy of World of Warcraft or (b) log into the Account Management page on their Recruit-A-Friend Trial Account and use the "Upgrade Online Right Now!" option.

If your friend chooses to purchase a retail (boxed) version of the game, he can log into the Account Management page. Under the "Upgrade Your Trial Account" heading, your friend can enter in his Retail Authentication Key and click "Upgrade Account". Once he does so, his account will be upgraded to a full version, he will be able to use all of the characters he currently has, and the Trial restrictions will be removed.

Your friend can also upgrade his Trial Account online, without needing to purchase a retail (boxed) version of the game. Have him visit the Account Management page and log in under his Trial Account. Once there, he can click on the "Upgrade Online Right Now!" button. If he chooses to upgrade using this method, he will be charged a $39.99 activation fee, in order to upgrade his account to a full version and have all restrictions removed.

It doesn't matter which method your friend chooses - he will receive the first 30 days free. After he pays for his first month, the account that recruited him will also receive a free 30 days game time. Does this help to clarify it a bit? :)
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