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Poster: Macha at 8/19/2006 5:00:08 AM PDT
Subject: Unholy Enchant and Soul Harvester

I obtained an Unholy Weapon enchant today for my Warlock's Soul Harvester, with the express purpose of acquiring two little flying skulls around it. For those unaware, the Soul Harvester is the grim-reaper-esque Scythe that warlocks can choose as a reward from a level 50 class quest. Unholy is an enchant that grants a chance on hit to debuff the target for -dmg, so of course it is of little practical use to a warlock. The chant requires 4 Essence of Undeath and 4 Large Brilliant Shards, so it isn't very expensive but it isn't a cheap little thing either.

Unfortunately the chant did not show up on my weapon. I ticketed a GM and was very saddened over the response i recieved.

The GM told me that this chant would not show up on this weapon because the Soul Harvester has an innate glow already that is not overridden by enchant graphics. I politely responded that many warlocks chanted theirs with Fiery or Demonslaying which very clearly produced a red glow, and was told it may seem that way but i was in fact mistaken, and such glows were merely the innate glow of the weapon. When i explained that my weapon had no such visible glow, I was told it was faint but definitely there and so i thanked the GM and ended the conversation.

However, when i spoke to my guild, we all agreed that the GM was wrong, so I took the time to log on my boyfriend's warlock and find out. I chanted his weapon with several different chants and achieved *very* clear blue, orange and red glows.

I'm very disappointed about this :( I won't say it's not because i wasted materials on the enchant, or because i didn't get my little flying skulls, because of course I'm bummed about that. But i don't expect Blizzard to refund my mats and i dont expect them to program little skulls just for me.

I'm disappointed because a GM lied to me and told me I was wrong. I thought i would post here to let the CMs and others know that GMs are giving false statements on this issue and it is insulting to be told you are mistaken or blind, when in fact you are rightly bringing to light a legitimate issue, however frivolous it may be. I have played since beta and never posted a complaint before but Blizzard, I'm not a child and I'm not stupid :( Please treat your customers with more respect and make sure your GMs know what they are talking about. Not all of us who post a ticket are whining idiots without genuine queries.

Finally, I would like the real answer to my original question: Why doesn't Unholy show up on the Soul Harvester? The truth please - i can handle it :) I won't throw a hissy fit or threaten to cancel my account.

- Steph M.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/19/2006 8:53:47 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Unholy Enchant and Soul Harvester
   I'm very sorry for the confusion that this has caused, Macha. If you would like to submit feedback regarding a particular Game Master or the GM Department as a whole, please send an e-mail to However, you can be sure that there is an issue that prevents the Unholy Enchant from displaying when enchanted on the Soul Harvester weapon. Other enchants will display properly on that weapon, but Unholy is unique in that it will not. Our Quality Assurance Team is currently investigating this issue, and we hope to see it resolved at some point in the future. Thank you for your patience. :)
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