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Poster: Lothartw at 8/18/2006 6:27:18 PM PDT
Subject: Advanced Armor book 2 issue
   "Enchanted Thorium Platemail"
This Item Begins a Quest
Requires Level 50
Blacksmithing (300)
"Volume II"

Ok, I am a level 60 Blacksmith/Armorsmith trying to initiate the quest. I have assembled both halves of the book.

the error,"You don't meet the requirements for that quest."

I submitted a GM ticket, and the nice person told me, as always, to delete WTF, WDB, and Interface. Completing this first troubleshooting step, I am still unable to meet the requirements for the quest.

The GM suggested I both submit a query here for 'other players to help me determine prerequisites' while he passes the note through his team.

So, what are the requirements that Blizzard isn't mentioning? I did book 1 with no issue.

Thanks guys,

(posted as well in quest forum for user assistance, forum moderator asked me to post here, originally in tech support. In the future, it would seem more prudent to simply move the query to the right forum vs. locking and requesting I repost it. In either case, I apologize for putting it where the in game GM asked me to)
Poster: Caerrus at 8/19/2006 10:59:44 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Advanced Armor book 2 issue
   I've looked into this matter, Lothartw, and the reason you are receiving a "You don't meet the requirements for that quest" message, when attempting to use the Enchanted Thorium Platemail: Volume II, is that you have already learned how to create Enchanted Thorium Leggings; therefore, you will be unable to accept the quest again. Our records show that you have completed Volumes I and II, and have the ability to create the Enchanted Thorium pieces learned through those quests. I'm sorry for any confusion this has caused and I hope this helps. :)

[ post edited by Caerrus ]

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