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Poster: Vellex at 8/18/2006 5:20:26 PM PDT
Subject: Account Hacking Question
   My friend's account was recently hacked and compromised, all characters on the account were deleted (all servers, low level alts, etc).

Before the hacker in question deleted the characters, guildmembers reported seeing him logged onto his "main", 60 warrior, spamming all channels with inane caps'd swears for a consistent period of time before finally gquitting and then proceeding with the deletion of characters.

Is this normal with hacked accounts?

On a sidenote, the email address registered for the account at the time of the hacking is no longer valid. It seems my friend hadn't remembered to update it. Now that the account is compromised/frozen/banned, is it possible to have the email address changed?

Thanks for your time reading the post.
Poster: Kaone at 8/18/2006 5:30:54 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Account Hacking Question
   Hello Vellex,

The activities reported as being seen by guildmembers do sometimes take place with compromised accounts. However whether one would say it is "normal" is a separate matter. As for your inquiry about your friend's out-of-date registered email address; he will need to contact our Account Administration Department in order to update/correct this. Contacting Account Administration is best done using the Website E-mail Form on the World of Warcraft website at:

I wish your friend the best of luck.
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