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Poster: Gargin at 8/17/2006 2:34:37 PM PDT
Subject: I want some answers
   First i am not posting on the account that my main character got hacked because my main account is permanatly banned from posting so i am forced to post on another one of my accounts. My main character Jambaa was hacked about a month ago, i waited for 3 weeks to get my character restored.

When i got my character back acceses to my account was denied to me and i got an email telling me to fax blizzard alot of info. It has been a week seance i faxed blizzard this stuff and im getting really tired of waiting. When i went on the phone with one of your representatives. They gave me little information on my character and im really gettign tired of it. I just want to play my !&$%ing character again thats it but ive been waiting so long im ready to cancle both accounts.

So blizzard i would like some answers sent to my email. Did you get the fax i sent to you last friday?How long until acceses is restored to my account? If i keep getting lack of answers from you blizzard i am cancleing both my accounts.

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Poster: Kaone at 8/17/2006 3:24:24 PM PDT
Subject: Re: I want some answers
   Hello Gargin,

You will need to contact our Account Administration Department about this. The most efficient way to do this is via our Website E-mail Form on the World of Warcraft website at:

However if you faxed us a week ago and have not yet received contact this could well imply that your fax was either not received or was received but was illegible. In general faxes will be processed within a couple of days. I would recommend sending in a new fax after carefully ensuring the quality of a test version of the fax.
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