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Poster: Morder at 8/17/2006 2:00:55 PM PDT
Subject: Teleport Hacks - Alive and well
   So, my story goes a little something like this...

I was merrily on my way to int Dire Maul, North side, to turn in my freshly-delivered-to-my-mailbox items for that awful, awful 0.5 upgrade quest. Not very long at all after I zone in, I hear the Arena call that The Razza has made a special guest appearance, and soon after, I hear someone's having a go at him. I decide to put my plans on hold and go peeks my head into the Arena to see if it's a Horde group trying for him, in which case I planned on greeting them with the ol' stabby stabby.

Upon investigating, to my delight my eyes doth see an Undead something or another, which, upon further investigation turns out to be a Warlock. And what do I see but him running from our good friend The Razza. I have myself a chuckle, thinking he was what was left of some group that got in over their head. He's DoTing up the Razza and making good use of his running shoes, and I figure that he's trying to at least go out with a bang, and that The Razza will get his munchy-wunch on any second, so I jumps myself down to help our winged friend expedite the process. A 'lil Cheap Shot mixed with a generous dose of the old stabby stab, and our stinky friend is dearly departed for the second time in his history. Oh, but that tricksy Warlock did pop up with his Soulstone, and pop me with that ever-annoying Death Coil, he did. But then I see him pop into the air, and drop some distance away. I just assumes that our territorial friend had hit him with some sort of knockback, and I noticed that to my apparent fortune that his Death Coil had sent me running before I managed to the on ol' Razza's aggro table, so I got my restealth on to watch, what I though, would the be grande finale of this show. After all, Warlock or no, cloth wearers don't last very long against our scary Arena beasts. So I watch, and I wait... and then I start to notice that something's not quite right... I notice that there's no bodies from our Warlock pals group laying around all sad like. Strange, but ok, he was attempting to kite The Razza around, maybe the cocky little Warlock thought he could solo the beast. Then I notice him drop from the air again, figure the end is very near now, as after two knockbacks, he has to be low on health, and I prepare to watch the gruesome end, as I imagine it was going to be real horrowshow. My morbid curiousity makes me click on our buddy ol' pal to see just how little life he has left before The razza snuffs it.

To my great surprise, he hadn't lost so much as a sliver. While very odd to me, I decide to keep watching, thinking maybe he's just a very stubborn fellow, and not going down without using everything he can in his bag of tricks.

What I continued to viddy left me in a bit of a surprise. Every time The Razza would get close, this fellow would disappear, and drop from the air on the other side of the Arena. At this point, everything starts making sense to me. I put two and two together, and came up with seven. After discussing that matter with my guild, I decided to swear off complicated mathimatics forever. But back to my story. It became fairly obvious to me now what was going on. Oh, this Warlock was up to something dastardly indeed. I decides to myself I'm just not going to stand for this. Prepare myself I do, some Mind Numbing and Crippling Poisons should do the trick here. Well, ok, it ended up being Deadly Poison instead of Crippling because I applied the wrong one in my haste. After making the futile effort of chasing him around, I smarten up and just wait along the wall on the other side from where he currently was, and sure enough, practically right into my lap he dropped, and I greeted him with a fond hello, in my own personal style... if you get my drift.

Well, right after this fellow drops, in pops another Undead Warlock who proceeds to start doing the same thing our recently departed playmate was doing. I was only too happy to meet him with the same enthusiasm I had met his compatriot with. In the middle of my playful romp with this one, I get an group invite. Since I'm in the middle of slicing and dicing my way though someone, I just accept the invite, figuring someone else was watching the whole ordeal and decided to help me in my cause. After dealing with the tricky Soulstone res Death Coil, I look as to the whereabout of my inviter. He's standing up on the edge of the Arena just peeping in at us. It turns out that this fellow is a Gnome Warlock. And the moment I notice this, as if almost on cue, as if the two Undead weren't enough of a hassle, he jumps down, and now he starts with the popping about all over the Arena.

I'll have none of this, no siree. I quickly leave the group, and meet him with the same fate as his Horde-side buddies. Now this Gnome was a persistent one. While the two smelly chaps went back to go hang around back up on the edge of the Arena and watch, he kept coming back for more, a good three more times or so.

At this point I had mentioned what was going on over the LFG channel, since I knew that since there were three of them there if the all had at me at once that could be a problem. Eventually a few members from one of the newer guilds on ther server showed up, and after I was done dispatching Captain Pintsize again, they had a go at The Razza. A bit of the ways into the fight, the two Undead and the Gnome Warlock jumped in and tried to get the better of them once The Razza was at relatively low health to try to get the kill, but in the end it worked out, those filthy unscrupulous hackers were met with defeat, and goodies were rained down upon the group of 5 that showed up.

All in all, a happy ending. But, still, something needs to be done about our jumpy friends.

I had of course submitted a ticket, but I got nothing more than an automated response, and I have to say I don't have the greatest of faith in that.

So here I am, posting it for our slightly-less-automated GMs to see, in hopes that something will be done about this.
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Poster: Batta at 8/17/2006 5:25:38 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Teleport Hacks - Alive and well

Q u o t e:
Does it show?

I, for one, really enjoy the style in which your post was written. I would have never thought a report on hackers could be such an interesting read. ; )

With what I just says, I was checkin' in what was vareeting with your story. The rozz are fillying with this encounter and will rabbit to right the case. As you may expect, me droogies will be unable to share their findings with you. I offer my appy polly loggies if you were vredded, me sladkvat cheena.
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