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Poster: Nelyv at 8/16/2006 2:49:55 PM PDT
Subject: Character Name
   I would like to know is there any possible way of changing ingame characters name. Thx in advance.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/16/2006 3:17:51 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Character Name

Q u o t e:
A name is a very important foundation of a character, and for that reason it cannot be changed unless it violates Blizzard's Naming Policy. It doesn't look like your name does, so it will probably not be subject to change. However, that's not for me to say, so you could always send a GM ticket so they can decide.
Restating for correctness - thank you, Sonic. :)

I'm sorry, Nelyv, but we do not currently offer players the ability to change their character names upon request.

If a name is reported to our Game Master staff and the Game Master determines the name to be in violation of our Naming Policy, the player will be given the opportunity to change their name when they next attempt to log into that character; as well as receiving the appropriate penalty for their actions (unless they, themself, reported the inappropriate name to the Game Master).

However, if the name is not found to be in violation of our Naming Policy, our Game Master staff will not be able to provide you with a name change. If you would like to suggest that a feature should be implemented to allow players to choose their characters' names, please visit our Suggestions Forum. Thank you!
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