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Poster: Phryss at 8/16/2006 1:41:07 AM PDT
Subject: Disappearing Mail
   Disclaimer: I'm really Phryss from Cenarius, but forum problems prevent me from posting on Cenarius characters. I spoke earlier this evening with GM Kazastream about this issue, and while he was perfectly pleasant [if the most personalityless of the three or four GM-bots I've had the chance to converse with] to talk to, and I have no reason to doubt his sincerity or capability as a GM, I think he might have been wrong. So I'll lay it out here, and hope that someone can maybe look into it a bit more extensively.

I turned in a packet of Encrypted Twilight Text to Hermit Ortell, and per normal my new mail icon appeared on my minimap about an hour later. I hearthed shortly after to Booty Bay, but when my ui loaded, the mail icon was gone, and I had no mail when I right-clicked the mailbox. I logged for a few hours in case I hallucinated the mail icon earlier and the mail was delayed, but even then, there was no mail.

I opened a ticket, and was contacted by GM Kazastream, who asked me to quit to desktop, rename my WTF, WTB, and Interface folders, and log back in to check my mail. I did; no mail. He contacted me again after I relogged to follow up, and we started troubleshooting. I was sent a text mail from Customer Service which did not trigger my New Mail minimap icon, but did appear in my mailbox when I checked. I then recieved another non-icon-triggering mail from Customer Service containing the package I was supposed to recieve from Hermit Ortell. I transferred the package from the mail to my inventory, but when I tried to open it I recieved a "you do not have permission to loot that corpse" message, and the package vanished from my inventory.

I reported both the non-appearing icon and the vanishing package to GM Kazastream, who replied that it seemed to be a Network Card issue, and that I should update my drivers. He also said that since the mail needed to come from Hermit Ortell, he would not be able to assist any further in restoring the package I was supposed to recieve.

My questions, then, are fourfold:

1/ Can a network card really be to blame for disappearing mail? Are there any other explanations? I checked, and my drivers are up-to-date. This seems to me, and to the more technically-inclined guildies I asked, an unlikely suspect.

2/ Is it possible that there was other mail that I was supposed to recieve, but that got caught up in whatever the problem causing this is?

3/ Can my package from Hermit Ortell be restored?

4/ Should I be concerned that the two mails from Customer Service didn't trigger my New Mail icon on the minimap?

I realize that this is Customer Service and not Tech Support, which is why I believe that GM Kazastream wasn't being insincere with me, nor that he didn't pursue my issue to the extent of his abilities. I'm just hoping that here I can pursue it a little further. Thanks!
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Poster: Berghe at 8/16/2006 2:06:56 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Disappearing Mail
   Hey there, Phryss! ;)

I'm seeing the in-game mail in your character's in-box, and I don't see any reason that your character would be receiving these messages and be unable to acquire the [Decoded True Believer Clippings].

I know that you've been requested to delete the WTF, WDB and Interface folder. Just to ensure this is not the cause of the issue I'm going to request that you delete the WTF, WDB and Interface folder, then empty them from the recycling bin and restart your computer. After that give it another go, and let me know here what the outcome was.

If that doesn't resolve the issue we'll take it from there. :)
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