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Poster: Saroni at 8/15/2006 3:24:04 PM PDT
Subject: Quest NPCs and Griefing
   First a definition -
Bluewall: The ability to guarantee first-strike in a PVP situation by not flagging for PVP before attacking.

Now this obviously only applies to non-PVP servers. However, Quest NPCs should not be allowed to be bluewalled. The person should have to flag for PVP first.

Today while trying to level a low level alternate character an ORC was continually killing the defias traitor and the messenger. This prevented dozens of people from completing quests for hours. According to the GM, the mechanic should allow us to deal with it, but it doesn't in this case. This level 37 orc would kill the Quest NPCs in one shot from a non-flagged status. This prevented the level 14 and 15 characters trying to quest to do anything about it. If he was forced to flag, then we could beat him down quit easily as he pretty much sucked at PVP.

However through his act of Bluewalling he could continually grief dozens of people because he paid the same amount of money as any one of us.

Now some will say that I should play on a PVP server and granted that this could have been less of a problem on such as server but people choose the servers they play on for the level of harrassment they are willing to endure due to PVP mechanics. The only other way would be to make quest NPCs untargettable at all.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/15/2006 3:34:17 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Quest NPCs and Griefing
   Seeing as how this occured on a Normal (PvE) realm, this type of action is considered to be Physical Harassment and should be reported to our Game Master staff. We understand that this form of griefing can negatively affect players on a PvE realm; who have no PvP solution available to them. The Game Master who receives a petition reporting such actions should investigate the matter and take all appropriate actions. I am very sorry if there was some confusion when the situation was reported to our Game Master staff, and would ask you to continue to report these types of activities so that we may deal with them appropriately. If you would like to see the functionality of quest NPCs changed to take these types of actions into account, please propose your ideas on the Suggestions Forum. Thank you!
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