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Poster: Ansim at 8/15/2006 11:09:30 AM PDT
Subject: Changed E-Mail
   Hi, I just recently received a mail in game about my first warning. Well I have just moved and changed locations and my old e-mail just got cancled. I have now changed my e-mail address and wish that a GM can re-email me my message again now to my new address. My account name is L33tArrow. Thanks.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/15/2006 11:12:17 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Changed E-Mail
   Please remove your account name from the above post, Ansim. This is a very public forum and, due to privacy concerns, that type of sensitive information is best kept to yourself. Thank you!

EDIT: If the account name has not been removed within the next couple moments, I will be deleting this thread. Not to worry, though; in any case, I will re-send the e-mail to the address that's on file for your account.

[ post edited by Caerrus ]

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