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Poster: Cuja at 8/15/2006 9:49:04 AM PDT
Subject: The Plight of Rooftop Camping
   Last night, being the caring hero that i am, i came to the rescue of some citizens of Azeroth being attacked by the dastardly Horde.

I charged in on my white saber, ready to do battle in the name of the Alliance except... the cowardly horde were perched upon a rooftop, killing my brethren without a viable route for the guards to strike back at them!

Seeming as those the guards do not own any ladders, i took it upon myself to send a prayer to the Jee-Ems Gods, praying for swift retribution against such cowardly villians.

As i awaited a sign from the Gods, a sudden thought occured to me, Fight fire with fire? Is such a thing possible? Surely there is no cowardice in avoiding guards who share your allegience. I soon discovered a hill behind the building from where i might be able to leap into the fray, surprising the sniping assassins! Victory was to be mine!

But yet, I hesitated. Would these all-powerful Gods see my actions as equally disdainful as those of the Horde? If i reverted to their tactics and attacked them from the same roof that they attacked my brothers in arms, in the quaint albeit troubled town of Darkshire, would i suffer the same wrath and fate as these misbegotten mongrels?

Wanting to help me comrades, but wary of the wrath from the all seeing, all knowing deities known only as Jee-Ems, my hesitation cost the lives of several of my fellow Night Elves. The loss was too much for me to bear, and i fled the scene, shamed at my actions fueled by my fear of the Jee-Ems.

I pray to you now, oh omnipotent ones, what am i to do when faced with such a situation in the future? I gladly pray to the Jee-Ems, but their answers come much longer after the dastardly deeds are done.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/15/2006 10:29:02 AM PDT
Subject: Re: The Plight of Rooftop Camping
   Alas, Cuja, while I understand the temptation to fight fire with fire and come to the aid of your companions, you may rest assured that you have done right by your allies and the Jee-Ems by alerting us. The choice you made was a difficult one, to be sure; but one for which you should be commended. However, when defending your territory--your very home--from enemies in the future, do not hesitate to assist the guards in combatting the hostile force, even if you must use your enemy's dishonorable tactics.

Please keep in mind, however, that this form of assistance is only acceptable if the guards are of your faction; if you attempt to assist guards in a town or city that wishes to hold a stance of neutrality, you may find the guards less eager for your assistance... and call the wrath of the Jee-Ems down upon yourself. In towns and cities that wish to remain neutral to the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance (and even in the place that you call your home, whether or not you choose to participate in the defense of the town's citizens), we would ask that you alert us to anyone who attempts to defile the tranquility of a peaceful town or city by using these detestable tactics; and we would ask you to trust us, us trusty Jee-Ems, to strike down on these enemies of the peace with the full might of the powers that we possess. You can be sure that our retribution will be swift and just. Thank you!
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