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Poster: Jilara at 8/15/2006 1:28:29 AM PDT
Subject: I Want My Soulforge Armor
   Ok, this makes attempt #6 to resolve this problem, and I have now given up trying to find a solution via a GM in-game. It's your turn, forum folks.


Deliana, the NPC in Ironforge who transmutes First Tier armor into Second Tier armor (in my case, Lightforge to Soulforge) is not responding to my character.

No yellow "?", no blue "?", no questgiver dialog - just the brush-off "Gee I hope the King isn't too busy to speak to me" dialog.

Without her interaction, I am stuck with this set of armor. After a year of patiently building my character up to 60, I am being deprived of high-end content, and no one in your Help Department can do anything to assist me.

Here is their latest reply; don't worry about the other 4 replies, as they all gave me the same useless and ineffective advice (my comments and results will be inside **s)


I'm sorry but this quest line is working properly and we are unable to give you
any game hints.

** It is definitely NOT working, and I'm not asking for hints **

You stated you have talked to other players about this. I would recommend you broaden your search to our forums at or
some other source to help you along.

** Thanks for admitting that your techs have no clue, but the players I've contacted can't help me either, not being BLIZZARD EMPLOYEES. **

After some research, it has been determined that the quest which you reported should be functioning properly. Game Masters are unable to provide hints regarding how to complete this quest.

** You already said this, thanks ... but heck, I'll tell you again: NO, IT IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY, and I don't need any hints. **

The following suggestions may be of
assistance in your attempt to complete the quest:

1) Please read your quest log carefully and check the bank for any quest items.

** I'm quite an accomplished reader, just so you know. I have never spoken to her about this quest, because she WILL NOT speak to me about this quest; therefore, I cannot and do not have it in my quest log. **

2) Please check to see if you are in a Raid Group while trying to complete your quest ... quest items will not drop, and quest kills will not count.

** Sigh. Suffice to say I'm not in Raid mode, and haven't been the other 45 times I've tried speaking to Dearest Deliana of Ironforge. **

3) If you are running a third-party (custom) User Interface, please uninstall it and try to complete the quest again.

** I'm not. So there. **

4) Please try abandoning and re-acquiring the quest.

** HA! You kidders are trying to trick me with your clever form letter! I can't get the quest, so I don't have the quest, and am by extension unable to drop and re-acquire this quest that I do not have. **

How hard can it be for a company that runs a brilliant game like WoW to fix this problem? I don't care if none of your other quadrillion players have this problem or not - I want the full benefits of the end-game content I worked so hard and spent so much time earning.

I don't think this is an unreasonable request.
Black Dragon Clan
Poster: Berghe at 8/15/2006 3:06:22 AM PDT
Subject: Re: I Want My Soulforge Armor

Have you attempted to speak with Mux Manascrambler in Gadgetzan? *wink*
I do not kill with my gun; I kill with my heart.

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