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Poster: Gheslaine at 8/15/2006 1:14:51 AM PDT
Subject: What does it take to get help from the GMs?
   The short of it is that I logged on as the character that I'm posing this with, did some BGs and obtained some HKs, then I had to log for a few hours.

I logged back on later, the HKs I obtained earlier has disappeared.

It was showing 0 HK and honor for today, yesterday, and last week. That's 58% of my HKs for this week gone!

So I submitted an in-game GM ticket to report missing honor, got a reply giving me an URL to honor system's F.A.Q.. Then I decided to make a post on here and hours later, still no help whatsoever.

Daily honor calculation will be done in less than 1 hour, weekly honor calculation will be done when servers go down for weekly maintenance in less than 4 hours.

Why can't I get any real response from the GMs?
Poster: Berghe at 8/15/2006 1:34:13 AM PDT
Subject: Re: What does it take to get help from the GM

Concerning Honorable Kills, they are calculated every night. Any Honorable Kills which occur between the 'cutoff time' and the time in which the calculation actually finishes will appear to be 'lost' the next day.

The 'lost' Honorable Kills will be tallied as normal the next night, and then the 'Yesterday' section will display the correct number.

On the topic of copies of letters, I really regret to being saying this, but unfortunately at times the information contained in a copy of a letter will be erased. While we would love to restore the loss of information, we unfortunately have no ability to do so. :(
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