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Poster: Vov at 8/14/2006 5:44:57 PM PDT
Subject: Question regarding item restoration
   My account was compromised last week - I spoke with a friendly GM which started the investigation process and I have gone through reactivating my account.

My question is, in the original ticket I only had noticed that two of my characters had nearly all items sharded/deleted, but after looking closer, a third character did as well. Do I need to append my ticket somehow? Do I need to try to provide a list of items that I knew were in inventory/bank slots? Or is that all handled as part of the investigation? I understand that the process can take several weeks, so I'm just wanting to make sure I can do everything possible to make it move faster! :)

Poster: Batta at 8/14/2006 6:13:38 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Question regarding item restoration
   An account investigator will be looking into your matter more closely as soon as possible, Vov. While he/she will work to restore everything that has gone missing as a result of this compromise, you should be able to reply to him/her via email should you have any inquiries about additional missing characters. In the mean time, your patience is greatly appreciated while we work to investigate and recover the property you're missing. = )
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