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Poster: Evertek at 8/14/2006 1:52:13 AM PDT
Subject: [Forums] Character Selection Problem
   Once I have logged into the forums, I default to this level 8 rogue that hasn't been played in about 2 months.

When I attempt to choose a different character. I see

"account_name please select a character to login with:"
and a list of... just this character.

I'd really like to post as one of the 9 characters I have on [b]Uther[b]].

Any advice for me? I'm befuddled.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/15/2006 8:07:54 AM PDT
Subject: Re: [Forums] Character Selection Problem
   This is an issue that our server technicians are aware of and working to resolve; however, I have verified that it does not appear to occur on the new World of Warcraft Forums, which should be going live pretty sooon. When they go live, you should be able to select and post with any of your characters located on the Uther realm, Evertek. Thank you for your patience in the meantime. :)
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