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Poster: Hiedi at 8/13/2006 4:49:01 PM PDT
Subject: New Servers
   Is there any report that we can check that tells us of upcoming servers and what days they plan to open?

I was hopeing to start planing a new character on a new realm and would find this information very useful.

Thank you in advance =)
Poster: Pavonum at 8/13/2006 4:53:43 PM PDT
Subject: Re: New Servers
   I'm sorry to say, Hiedi, that the Game Master Department has no involvement whatsoever in the decision to release new realms, and therefore we are unable to offer any definitive answers on this forum; any such announcements, however, would be made on the front page of our official website. In the meantime, friend, thanks for your patience. :)
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