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Poster: Believe at 8/13/2006 9:35:37 AM PDT
Subject: Threatened for questioning Honor Cap
   Dear GMs,

I have an open ticket pending for multiple threats received for questioning the Artificial Honor Cap being maintained on my realm by the Horde and Alliance pvp guilds. Details are in the ticket.

I asked about the honor cap when someone hinted about it on LFG (including saying that certain parties were honor farming with no respect for said honor cap) as I was unaware of any such system being implemented; I pvp because I like pvp and not towards any artificial cap.

Upon asking about it I was threatened to not "cause any trouble" hence the GM ticket.

Please advise if all players including myself and my many alts on other realms must comply with the artificial honor caps maintained by certain parties on those realms (if any such system is implemented).

If so, then I shall comply.

If not, then I expect open clarification on this matter to avoid any ambiguity.

Thank you.
Poster: Kaone at 8/13/2006 9:46:00 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Threatened for questioning Honor Cap
   Hi Believe,

Any Artificial Honor Cap is exactly that - artificial. These are put in place only by a set of players to regulate their own PvP activities. In general these players would want to set the "minimum level" of honor gains to be safely above that of anyone outside their system. If they do not do that they risk "outsiders" disrupting their estimates. However this whole thing is all just based of guesses on what other players will do, and then trust in these players. You are in absolutely no way required to follow these players' artificial system if you do not want to. Furthermore if you feel their threats violate any of our harassment policies, they can be reported and we will examine them. Our harassment policies can be referred to at:

Good luck with your battles Believe.
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