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Poster: Shandrack at 8/12/2006 9:40:02 PM PDT
Subject: Trading names on toons of the same account
   I rolled a paladin with my real life nickname and the name that everyone in my guild knows me by now. I then rolled a mage with a random name who was nothing more than a novelty, but with the demise of my former guild, it became my new main toon.

Here is my question: Is it possible for me to switch the names of the two toons that are on the same account? I would really like to place the name of my first toon onto the name of my new main.

I'd even pay for this service.
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Poster: Kaone at 8/13/2006 9:29:42 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Trading names on toons of the same accoun

Q u o t e:
I've heard of giving friends they know that they never talk to on game their account information. The friend then goes in and deletes the account.

Then the ask a different friend to make an alt with the same name as yours. Petition to have your character restored and you'll be forced to change your name.

very risky and i wouldn't recommend it though.

This is an extremely poor suggestion. Firstly you would risk permanently losing the character if you had used up your account's limited restorations. The Game Master may be thus unable to restore the character. Secondly the "friend" could in all likelihood have any/all of his own accounts closed for malicious activity on another World of Warcraft player's account. Essentially the friend would be compromising the account.

Further information on our Unauthorized Account Access Policy can be referred to at:
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