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Poster: Zanthule at 8/12/2006 7:01:58 PM PDT
Subject: Password retrieval page not sending password
   I tried earlier to do a password reset on my other account (I was an idiot and had my capslock key on) and used the page at to do so.

I will enter all my information and it just tells me An error has occured on this page Look below for details and correct the error before resubmitting. and sends me back to the beginning without actually highlighting that anything is wrong.

It also did reset my password despite that error but it did NOT send an email to my registered email address.

Heres a screenshot of what I'm talking about:

It just keeps going in an endless loop prompting me to enter my user name

I have tried on both Mozilla/Firefox and Internet Explorer and the same thing happens. it tells me there is an error but there is no red box indicating any error. And I can't access my account since it changed my password already :(

Edit: thought I'd throw in the account in question main character is Anthexa on Anetheron

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Poster: Pavonum at 8/12/2006 7:24:22 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Password retrieval page not sending passw
   Thanks for your reports, folks; I've passed this information along to the proper authorities to look into the matter further, and determine the best course of action to devise a more permanent resolution. As soon as I hear anything, I'll provide updates in this thread as they're forthcoming. In the meantime, your continued patience is much appreciated. :)
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