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Poster: Knightley at 8/12/2006 5:58:37 PM PDT
Subject: Name Change

I created my character Knightley to advertise for my company Knightley a Search and Solutions Company. I now realize that my name is illegal and against Blizzard policy. I have already been warned by Blizzard that I am not allowed to advertise and I have recieved a warning. I don't want to be tempted to advertise and I would really like to have my name changed since it directly violates the naming policy because it was created to advertise

In addition, I have looked at the other naming policies and the name Knightley violates the "title" section of the naming policy. You cannot have a title such as Knight attached to a name. Just like you cannot have King Mike as a name like the example shows. Therefore this name is illegal for that reason also. In fact, if you try to make a character with the name Knight in front of it you cannot since it is a title. Its now built in game mechanics.

I explained to my boss at Kngihtley what happened and he was furious that I was using the company name as my game character and getting violations on it because of this. He said that it is a trademarked name and I should not be able to use it. Again, there is another policy violation. This shows that the name Knightley violates the "trademark" section of Blizzards naming policy.

Now it says that I should report myself before others report me and I really want to change my name because it violates Blizzard naming policy. My name is so against Blizzards naming policy that I can no longer be tempted to use it. Please allow me to change my name to something that does not violate Blizzards naming policy.
Poster: Pavonum at 8/12/2006 7:42:16 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Name Change
   The previous posters are correct, Knightley; if you believe that your name may be in violation of our policies, you shall have to submit an in-game petition so that a Game Master may give the situation further review. He or she should be along sometime in the near future, and will determine the best course of action under the circumstances. Thanks! :)
Ce sont ces fenêtres qui m'appellent...
Poster: Pavonum at 8/12/2006 9:43:29 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Name Change

Q u o t e:
I submitted a ticket and they tell me that it isnt against policy? Can someone explain how it is not against policy?

I don't show you as having submitted a petition since yesterday; please, if you would, submit another one. :)
Ce sont ces fenêtres qui m'appellent...

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