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Poster: Iturn at 8/12/2006 12:25:19 PM PDT
Subject: Zul'Gurub
   I went into a raid for ZG for my guild which is still quite a small guild that is getting large enough to share ZG with another small guild, but, the problem is that we were automatically saved to an instance because we needed someone to fill in a spot, and they happened to have gone into ZG the night before where that raid had already killed 2 bosses (sometime while he was not in the raid), and he was automatically saved to the instance, and therefore ruined our run.
I understand that this saving of the instance is a way to save guilds from having to do the entire instance over again, but I also find it an inconvenience when that save can ruin an entire raid. With this issue, a pickup ZG is impossible. I suggest a new method to save members to a raid, where you can choose to reset the instance with certain limitations, or set the instance to save only when a boss is killed while you are in the instance.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/12/2006 12:59:16 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Zul'Gurub
   I'm sorry if you feel that instance saving is an inconvenience to players, Iturn. If you would like to suggest that a change be made to the way that the RaidID system works, I would ask that you post your ideas on our Suggestions Forum; which is monitored by members of our Community and Development Teams. Good luck!
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