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Poster: Dietsprite at 8/12/2006 11:44:36 AM PDT
Subject: Complaint
   I just want to advise everyone that apparently on my server if I as a horde player body camps someone for 20 minutes I can and have been reported and be told to stop immediatly or face further trouble.

However when the shoes on the other foot and it happens to me nothing is done about it at all.

While I understand I am on a pvp server, call it carebear or whatever, there is ZERO fairness in me getting reported for something and when it happens to me for almost 2 hours and I say something I get shuffled off as a whiner in essence by a GM.

The consistency to enfore rules are SERIOUSLY lacking by the GM's. Don't "force" me to quit doing something and let other people do it to their hearts content. That is a BS call and completely biased.

When I was reported I asked the GM at the time, so what if it happens to me then what I say something ? I was told to report. I do and get the cut and paste response.

Either be consistent or hire people who will be. KTHX

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Poster: Kaone at 8/12/2006 12:10:13 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Complaint
   Hi Dietsprite,

If you feel that the behavior of a Game Master was inappropriately threatening or inconsistent with our policies then I would recommend that you email regarding this. I am unaware of the circumstances behind your situation but I do know that repetitively interfering with a player attempting to do a quest can generate such verbal warnings. Perhaps this was what took place in this case.
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