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Poster: Jacktripper at 8/12/2006 9:18:41 AM PDT
Subject: Player to player transfer
   If someone is quitting WoW and wants to give one or more of his characters to a friend, how does he go about that?

I'm not the one quitting :)
Poster: Caerrus at 8/12/2006 10:10:16 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Player to player transfer
   Well, Jacktripper, the information that Trajain has provided you with is quite correct. Blizzard Entertainment does not condone the transfer of accounts, and accounts cannot, under any circumstances, be sold or traded to another player. The relevant sections of the Terms of Use are as follows:

Q u o t e:
D. During the registration process, you will be required to select a user name and a password that are specific to the Account (collectively referred to hereunder as "Password"). Your Password is to be kept confidential at all times and you are solely responsible for the security of your Password. You may not disclose your Password to anyone, or allow your Password to be used by anyone other than yourself and/or your one (1) minor child. Blizzard Entertainment is not responsible for any harm that may result to the Account (including without limitation the deletion or modification of characters in the Account) as a result of a lost or shared password. The user name you choose shall be subject to the naming guidelines contained in this Terms of Use Agreement.

E. Blizzard Entertainment does not recognize the transfer of Accounts, and any authorized transfer of the World of Warcraft software (as set forth on the website) will result in the permanent deletion of the Account attached to that software. You may not offer any Account for sale or trade, and any such offer is a violation of this Agreement and may result in suspension or termination of the Account.
It is only intended for the registered owner of an account to be able to access it; if the account is being accessed by anyone else, the security of the account has been compromised and the player responsible may be found in violation of our Unauthorized Account Access Policy. According to this policy, any player that is found to be involved in compromising the security of another account may have any and all related accounts closed.

Account sharing, attempting to transfer ownership of an account to another player, and compromising an account are all considered to be very serious violations of our Terms of Use and policies. I hope this helps to further clarify the matter. Feel free to review the following documents for more information:

Terms of Use:

Unauthorized Account Access Policy:
But hark, methinks a mortal doth approach...

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