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Poster: Jerre at 8/12/2006 12:50:43 AM PDT
Subject: Limited to One Ticket until you answer it?
   I have a question. I noticed today that I could only have one ticket open at a time until you were able to get around to answering it.

Here was my situation. I was killing in an area and came across a mob that was not dying or attacking. You could hit him all you wanted and never kill him (or be killed). People caught on pretty quick and were leveling up weapon stats (primarily fists). So, i thought I would at least report the mob for not acting correctly. No sense in everyone getting "free" weapons skills.

So, that ticket was sitting there. About an hour later, a person started harrasing the heck out some people in the general chat. I wanted to be able to report his behavior, but could not because of the ticket I currently had open.

Can I just add to a ticket I have open about the enviroment with the information about the harrasment (even though they fall under different petition categories)?

Also, it would seem my petition character limit is really small. It is hard to get all the required information in there sometimes (especially when reporting suspected botting behavior).

Thanks for your time.
Poster: Pavonum at 8/12/2006 1:00:41 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Limited to One Ticket until you answer it
   I don't see any harm in following Rolus' suggestion, Jerre; if you already have an open ticket, but run across another matter which you wish to bring to our attention, there's no reason why you can't just edit your existing petition and include the additional information. If you don't feel that there is adequate space to describe both issues, then you're welcome to submit a petition on an alternate character -- we'll respond to that as well, in the order in which it is received. In any case, the Game Master to whom you speak shall ask if there's anything more with which he or she may be of assistance, at which time you're free to bring up any other concerns you may have. I hope that helps, friend. :)
Ce sont ces fenêtres qui m'appellent...
Poster: Caerrus at 8/13/2006 1:42:55 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Limited to One Ticket until you answer it

Q u o t e:
No kidding! Tickets are limited to what, 256 characters? Barely enough to describe your problem, but when they ask you to 'list items you are missing' it's not even close to enough.

Maybe blizzard's intent is to force us to better our prose construction by the constraints, much like the 5-7-5 haiku form forces you to come up with artful phrases you wouldn't do otherwise.


My account was hacked
Please help me get my stuff back
They took all my gold


Tauren Druid Stands
Casting thin line endlessly
Must be a fishbot


Endless expanse of void
Ironforge far far above
Falling through the world


Marshall Windsor stands
Stoic, absent all question
Marks. Stupid quest bug.
But hark, methinks a mortal doth approach...

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