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Poster: Gonnagetyou at 8/11/2006 7:28:16 PM PDT
Subject: A queston about items...
   Me and someone else had a disscusion on vent like an hour ago.. and well we were disscusing where items came from. From like bosses... Because i've never seen Onyxia were Bloodfang hood and that. Do the players like cut them open and the items are inside or like do they magically appear?
Poster: Pavonum at 8/11/2006 8:06:09 PM PDT
Subject: Re: A queston about items...
   Well, Gonnagetyou, we can think about this a couple different ways.

Logically speaking, we can conjecture that Onyxia (as an example), being a dragon, has hoarded various treasures and artifacts during her tyrannical reign; traditional draconic lore shows them to be quite obsessed with shiny things. Thus, when you and your compatriots slay Onyxia, the items which "drop" are technically being taken from her trove.

Or you can just muse on the fact that players carry rams and kodos -- in addition to various disembodied heads, hands, and hearts -- around in their bags, and give up on logic. ;)
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