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Poster: Marroc at 8/11/2006 8:32:44 AM PDT
Subject: RP-PvP Servers, GM stand?
   This is a repost of my previous post because my well thought out, well written, and GENERALLY well recieved post (ie. 8 replies of agreement... 1 troll) was locked due to "negativity that this topic appears to have spurred"

Anyway, many RP-PvP servers (including twisting nether horde side) have had to deal with a huge influx of people from regular pvp servers (mainly due to the time that the RP-PvP servers were released and the previous lack of new PvP servers at the time). While this, in itself, isn't a bad thing, it has created a very serious problem on our server. While I love to meet new people and enjoy the experience fully a good portion of these people have come to TN for one of 3 reasons.

1. Because it was the 'newest server' (completely disreguarding server type)
2. Because it was a PvP server (not realizing that the server used RP rules)
3. Because they were looking for easy kills of RPers (Blatently disregaurding the server rules)

Now all of this is fine if they left us RPers alone and didn't bother us, which for a short time was the case. It is no longer the case.

General chat in every major city is WILDLY off topic and generaly leads to open flaming of someone at some point. As stated by blizzard, general chat conversation should always be within the scope of the game.

/say and /yell are abused by a good portion of these people. ie. spamming random things that either belong in other channels or just openly offensive remarks. Again, as stated in the RP rules, this is strictly forbidden.

There are thousands upon thousands of people named beefpattey, legomyegolas, l33tpvp3r, etc. Also, in violation of the RP rules.

They deliberatly treat RPers as if they are a lower standard (need proof? look at my locked topic i'm immediatly trolled by a person from my server)

We used to run PvP world events... until they came and completely trashed the immersion and story lines we had set up.

We run a rp channel... which up until just recently has been plagued with entire guilds of people joining only to flood/spam/harrass any RPer in there.

Yet, for all of the obvious violations, what can us RPers do to stop them from ruining our game?

Oh yah... Ask them politely to stop and if they persist report them, which AT MOST gets them a warning...

It took us over 6 months to get one person off of our faction because he was abusing mark of shame to deliberatly harrass people...

I would like to hear something from a GM on your stand on all of this. Could you please either explain to me why these people are allowed to completely ruin a server deliberatly set aside for RPers, or tell me what you have in the works to help fix this?

I don't want to leave, I like my RP guild, I like my friends on TN... I don't like having my imersion ruined everytime I log in... I rolled on an RP server to RP, and yet I'm thought of as lower simply because I follow the rules set down by the company that makes the game?

Is this wrong to you guys? or is this how its supposed to be?
Poster: Batta at 8/11/2006 11:42:17 AM PDT
Subject: Re: RP-PvP Servers, GM stand?
   One issue with allowing this thread to remain on the Customer Service forum is the fact that the Game Master department is bound to act according to our current policies. Per your player-submitted Behavior/Harassment reports, we do our best to maintain order and protect the realm's environment, as well as the immersive feeling of the game. It seems to me, however, that you want to see a little more drastic changes in policies, and a more proactive stance from us. If this is the case, those who moderate this forum will be unable to assist you, as we haven't the persuasion to affect policy decisions in the way of more harshly enforcing our Role-Play regulations. This type of information is best delivered to us via the Suggestions forum, and even
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