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Poster: Mauru at 8/11/2006 4:31:49 AM PDT
Subject: Just a curiousity question...
   If a player dies during a boss encounter in a 5 man instance, and there was no one who could ressurect the player, and the loot is on FFA and an item the player wants drops, and there's no way the player can get back to the corpse in time, can the player have a GM "restore" the item in that circumstance? Eg give the player the item.

I've had several times where i've been dead and couldn't get to the corpse, luckily where nothing I wanted dropped, so I just wanted to make sure for the future.
Poster: Pavonum at 8/11/2006 7:31:12 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Just a curiousity question...
   If a group were to find itself facing such unfortunate circumstances, Mauru, there are a couple different options available to players in order to seek resolution. :)

Firstly, in the event that an item cannot be looted by (or assigned to) its rightful owner for whatever reason, we may be able to assist in distributing the item accordingly; if you wish to pursue such a service, please submit an in-game petition with as much of the following information as can be recalled, as it shall aid enormously in our investigation:

  • Name of the boss that dropped the item(s) in question
  • Approximate timeframe during which it was killed
  • Party/raid leader or Master Looter at the time
  • Item(s) that were not properly assigned or looted
  • If possible, the player who received the killing blow

    Armed with this information, the Game Master assigned to your case shall determine the best course of action to address the issue; it shall likely be necessary to forward the matter to our Character Specialists for further review, as more in-depth investigation is generally required. Please note, however, that restoration is not always guaranteed.

    The simpler, and likely preferable, resolution would be to have another member of the party open the loot window and leave the unassigned item in there; so long as the loot window is kept open, the despawning of the corpse shall be prolonged. This should give the player who died ample time to re-enter the instance and make their way back to the boss to claim the item they earned. Speaking from personal experience, I remember once, while playing on my little n00b shaman (ah, how I miss Ghost Wolf), that I died in the fight with Lord Pythas -- I really wanted the Stinging Viper -- and had one of my party members keep his loot window open while I wended my way through the Wailing Caverns. :P
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