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Poster: Deadwillie at 8/10/2006 11:38:35 PM PDT
Subject: Onyxia Bug In Stormwind.
   First I feel this is a big issue. Second I am not the first and will not be the last given the way blizzard handles things to post this complaint.

First the part of the alliance Onyxia chain that has you unmasking her for what she is in stormwind is bugged. I have tried for over 12 hours waiting between tries for about and hour or so to see if it resets on its own to get that part of the quest chain done. I have yet to get it done. Also the Highlord bugged to the point that he was in combat all the time and could not be talked to. So not just those trying to do the Onyxia quest were effected but all playters on the alliance side that would need to speak to him to contenue thier questing.

I ticketed a GM to which I was told to just abbandon the quest and try again because they did not have the power to put me on the next part of the quest. As a paying customer I feel that being told that I should just keep trying when every time I have tried it has bugged is wrong.

So I suggest this. FIx the bugges in the game before you add new content or risk losing those that have fueled your rise to the top.
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Poster: Pavonum at 8/11/2006 1:19:53 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Onyxia Bug In Stormwind.
   It looks as though Lady Katrana Prestor may have been stuck in dragon form on Twisting Nether, Deadwillie, but a Game Master has reset her; the event should now function correctly, even if Bolvar is shadowboxing, but I'm going to have another Game Master contact you in-game just to make sure. Thanks for your patience in the meantime, friend. :)
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