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Poster: Orkaholic at 8/10/2006 6:55:34 PM PDT
Subject: Question about Account closure
   My account was closed a while ago, and I am now wanting to retrieve it.
I have the papers on Account Retrieval Instructions but I am confused about a couple things.

1. The most recent method of payment is a credit card.
-It saids i have to write X's in place of the 8 middle digits of the card number, for the payments account's security. Where do i write this number?
2. I need a photocopy of my most recent payment method, but my most recent payment method was online using my VISA.
-It also saids I cant take screenshots of this page and i cant use my bank/credit card statements. So how am i suppose to get verification?
Poster: Pavonum at 8/10/2006 7:44:06 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Question about Account closure
   G'eve, Orkaholic! I've spoken to a representative from Account Administration regarding your questions, and it would appear that you may simply photocopy your credit card -- you needn't fret that the last payment was made online -- and cross out the middle eight digits of the number, then send that in addition to the Account Retrieval form. Good luck! :)
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