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Poster: Fragviper at 8/10/2006 3:51:50 PM PDT
Subject: Character Weapon Skill problem
   I made a topic over on the Bug Report Forums, but I've seen that this forum gets heavy traffic and good answers so I'm posting here as well. I have sent an in-game petition already, but I had to log off.

I hit lvl 51 today and went and won an Alterac Valley contest, thus securing my Ice Barbed Spear. It was equipped immediately, at a weapon skill of 1/255 as I'd not previously used a polearm. I attacked several mobs, for MINUTES at a time, and my weapon skill would NOT go up. I bought a new crossbow (also weapon skill 1/255), attacked some more mobs, and again the skill would NOT go up. What's going on?
Poster: Kaone at 8/10/2006 4:03:23 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Character Weapon Skill problem
   Hi Fragviper,

I inquired regarding your character's skills. It seems while your polearm and crossbow skills are low they are higher than 1 now. I would suggestion that you just keep at it. Remember that you will need to keep fighting creatures rather than fighting other players in the Battleground in order to gain weapon skills. Good luck with your new weapons.
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