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Poster: Deano at 8/9/2006 10:25:14 PM PDT
Subject: Kiting Lord Kazzak...get banned?
   I tried to ask a GM this question but Real life had to call so I decided to post it on this forum. So I heard that you could somehow "kite" Lord Kazzak from the Blasted Lands I believe into Stormwind. So like any Horde would think of is "Why not" so I ask some people in the Global LFG channel and ask for some brave souls to Kite Lord Kazzak from Blasted Lands to Stormwind. But I got tells telling me that I would get banned so I tried to ask a GM to confirm this or if it is still possible. Can anyone confirm that kiting Lord Kazzak into Stormwind being bannable. I just want to be sure. Thanks for reading.
dwarves= uber rogues
Poster: Pavonum at 8/9/2006 10:40:07 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Kiting Lord Kazzak...get banned?
   To answer your question, Deano, "kiting" creatures into major cities is not, in and of itself, a violation of our policies. If, however, such behaviour results in a number of petitions from concerned players who report that their enjoyment is being diminished by the creature's presence -- and further investigation on our part reveals that the player's sole intent is to disrupt others' gameplay -- then it is possible for the act to be considered "Zone/Area Disruption" and result in the repercussions listed in our Harassment Policy. To wit:

Q u o t e:
Zone/Area Disruption
This category includes language and/or actions intended to disturb groups of players or areas of the world, such as:

  • Disruption of player sponsored events or gatherings
  • Excessive use of in-game sounds or visuals
  • Excessively casting spells with noticeable effects in crowded areas
  • Impeding or blocking access to an NPC, doodad, doorway, or any other area of the world that a player would normally be able to access

    If a player is found to have disrupted an area of the world or a group of players, he/she may:

  • Be given a warning
  • Be temporarily suspended from the game if behavior continues

  • As for whether this activity would result in a player being "banned," that depends both on the enormity of the current breach of policy and the number and severity of prior infractions; in short, one would have to have accrued a reasonably checkered past for such an outcome to arise. Please let me know if there's anything more I can clarify. :)
    Ce sont ces fenêtres qui m'appellent...
    Poster: Pavonum at 8/9/2006 10:54:03 PM PDT
    Subject: Re: Kiting Lord Kazzak...get banned?

    Q u o t e:
    So I guessing that there is a Yes and a No answer to this. Yes, IF the players arn't being disrupted by this in thier gameplay and have fun with it.
    No, because it does go against the Terms of Service I believe.
    My account hasn't had problems with Blizzard so I guess I would be safe if I got some people to do this act. But my guess is that your saying in a nice way of "No" Thanks blue =)
    ......But my evil side may take over me *waves bye-bye to stormwind*

    For clarification, Deano, given Lord Kazzak's tendencies toward wreaking havoc and terror -- massive volleys of Shadow Bolts, oddly enough, have a way of doing that -- it may be difficult to argue that others' gameplay would not be adversely affected by his visiting Stormwind for a spot of tea. Just to be safe, I'd recommend against inviting him over. :)
    Ce sont ces fenêtres qui m'appellent...

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