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Poster: Yarrgh at 8/9/2006 9:00:17 PM PDT
Subject: Account locked, no response from blizz in 1mo
   About a month ago, on July 12, one of my accounts was locked due to a supposed security compromise. This was not the case and I have tried to tell wow account admin this several times through numerous venues. I have sent e-mails, filled out online forms, called customer service, and contacted a GM in-game. The e-mails and forms went unanswered, and the customer service rep and gm both said that there was nothing they could do as they were not account admin. I am here as a last resort. I want my account back now, and I will do whatever it takes to get it unlocked. This account lock has been a point of stress in my life for nearly a month now, and I think that as a paying customer of two accounts and thus two physical copies of the game, having subscribed for over a year on the account locked and nearly 6 months on the one that remains, I deserve some sort of customer service. I don't care if someone in this customer service department has to walk across the entire Blizzard building to account admin to tell them of my predicament, I want this handled now. Both accounts are tied to the same e-mail address, so whoever is put in charge of this can find my accounts that way. I will be watching this post like a hawk for an hour, if no response is posted within that time I will be back tomorrow around noon EST. Again, this is becoming a major frustration and I feel that I deserve service after the amount of money I've spent on this game.
Poster: Pavonum at 8/9/2006 10:16:50 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Account locked, no response from blizz in
   I'd like to apologise for the delay in my response to your thread, Yarrgh, but please be aware that some issues require more thorough investigation than others. If we have not yet replied, it is not because we are "ignoring" you in any way, but rather that we are looking into the matter and formulating an appropriate answer. While I understand the frustration this situation has caused you, disparaging comments are not generally the most constructive means by which one's concerns may be expressed. Thanks for your patience. :)

I've taken the liberty of delving into your case, and it looks as though you have been offered the proper avenue through which you may restore access to your account; our Account Administration Department has requested that you fill out an Account Retrieval form -- which was sent to your registered e-mail address -- and send it in to verify your identity and work toward unlocking your account. I would highly recommend following these instructions, as they are the only means by which access to your account may be granted. You are welcome to e-mail Account Administration at if you require further clarification, or visit their recently created webpage (linked below).

In any case, friend, I wish you the best in your efforts. If there is anything more with which we may be of assistance here on the forums, please do let us know. :)

Account Administration:
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