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Poster: Seanmactire at 8/9/2006 11:12:22 AM PDT
Subject: Character Info. Access or Download
   I know many players participate in guild forums on other websites, many of which (guildportal, for example) offer a way to post vital stats, info on skills, etc for viewing by other guildmembers. Currently, the only way to gather that info (that I know of) is to log on to WoW, scribble a bunch of notes on stats, hk, or whatever, and then log to the guild site and enter them.

Is it possible to arrange a method through this site that would allow members to download all character info (given the use of the correct name and password, of course) to some basic txt file, for easier access?

Thanks, guys.
Poster: Kaone at 8/9/2006 11:20:24 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Character Info. Access or Download
   Hello Seanmactire,

Your ideas regarding the further integration of th World of Warcraft website with the realm data would be best outlined on the Suggestions Forum at:

In your post there give all the details of what types of information you would like to be able to see and also that you would like it to be able to be further output in a less visual format. I would recommend giving reasons, motivations and benefits from having such new features also. Good luck.
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