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Poster: Fortune at 8/8/2006 4:01:19 PM PDT
Subject: Help please?
   I've been trying to get my character Fayte's gear restored for four months now and I've had no luck. Everytime I get denied and told I've used up my limit of restorations which doesn't make sense because I've only had three items: Ward of Elements, Nat Pagles Extreme Anglin' Boots, and Zulian Defender. A GM in-game told me that these three items are my limit. I've had friends that had 5-6 items restored so that doesn't make sense. About a month and a half ago I was told by a GM that even though I used up my limit he would escalate the ticket and that an item specialist would talk to me soon, after about a week I sent in another petition because I didn't know what was taking so long and that GM just told me I've used up my limits and they won't restore my gear yet again. The GMs are even freaking threatening to take action against my account for sending in 1-3 tickets per month. I've tried emailing and that just leads to automated replies, heck I don't even think they read what I wrote considering the reply didn't even relate to the question.

This is retarded that I can't get my entire character's items restored on that character because I've had some random green items restored that I don't even have anymore, the GM in-game told me "we fear you'd abuse the policy" how the heck is having two green quest items restored and some blue shield from ZG abusing the policy? I sold Ward of Elements to the vendor when I first got it because I didn't know it was useful at the time, Zulian Defender was accidently sent to the wrong person through masterlooter and I'm not even sure how I lost Nat Pagles Boots it was just missing from my bank so I asked the GM were it was since I couldn't find it and he said he couldn't even confirm I did the quest, next day a GM sent the boots in the mail while I was offline.

I need support with this since the GMs I've talked to so far aren't doing anything. What would you suggest I do? Raiding to get that gear isn't an option, that gear took a little over a year to earn.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/9/2006 8:38:46 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Help please?
   As you have been told many times by multiple Game Masters, this is not something that we will be able to assist you with, Fortune. Although we do our best to provide our players with the opportunity to have their items/characters restored, these restorations are offered in a very limited amount; you have been warned that we do not wish to encourage career victims, and to be very careful when selling/repairing items. I have verified that you agreed to use a limited restoration for each request that you have made in the past, and can assure you that a Game Master will always confirm the use of a limited restoration with a player when a request is made to have an item/character restored. In addition to this, your first request to have the items restored was made, according to your first petition on the subject, over three months after the items were deleted. Despite the fact that you had previously used all of your limited restorations, our Character Specialists took the time to investigate the situation, but were unable to find any evidence of the items you requested.

Due to the amount of times that you have repeatedly petitioned about this restoration (and been given the same answer), you were informed that further petitions may lead to action being taken against your account. Continuing to petition in about this topic after we have made our stance very clear could be considered to be harassment of our Game Master staff, and may result in action being taken against your account. If you wish to pursue this matter further or submit feedback regarding your experience with the Game Master Department, please contact Our Game Master staff (in-game or here on the Customer Service Forum) will not be able to provide you with further assistance in this matter.
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