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Poster: Opshesquishy at 8/8/2006 3:11:33 PM PDT
Subject: Policy on using guild mule accounts
   I would like to know is there a policy on guilds who use mule accounts. These are accounts which are shared by more than one person to help with the Gathering, Sorting and division of guild funds and materials which may be benificial to the guild.

Recently we had such a account, and it was deemed inapporpiate and was banned.

Poster: Caerrus at 8/8/2006 3:34:26 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Policy on using guild mule accounts
   Sharing World of Warcraft accounts is not permissable under any circumstances; as it is considered to be a clear a violation of our Terms of Use, and may result in the closure of the account; as stated in the following section of that document:

Q u o t e:
D. During the registration process, you will be required to select a user name and a password that are specific to the Account (collectively referred to hereunder as "Password"). Your Password is to be kept confidential at all times and you are solely responsible for the security of your Password. You may not disclose your Password to anyone, or allow your Password to be used by anyone other than yourself and/or your one (1) minor child. Blizzard Entertainment is not responsible for any harm that may result to the Account (including without limitation the deletion or modification of characters in the Account) as a result of a lost or shared password. The user name you choose shall be subject to the naming guidelines contained in this Terms of Use Agreement.
Regardless of whether or not you feel that it is necessary for someone to be on the account 24/7, there is absolutely no exception to this rule. We take these types of matters very seriously. If any players other than the registered owner choose to access the account, they would be compromising the security of the account and therefore they would be found in violation of our Unauthorized Account Access Policy. This may result in the closure of all related accounts. Below I have listed the Terms of Use and Unauthorized Account Access Policy and I would urge you to read over them, Opshe.

Terms of Use:

Unauthorized Account Access Policy:
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