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Poster: Cidolfas at 8/8/2006 2:48:32 PM PDT
Subject: lost lawbringer belt apparently after dwntime
   the GM in game told me my account wasn't compromised, so i'm guessing its something on your end. i logged on this morning, and noticed my character did not have his lawbringer belt equipped. it wasn't on him, wasn't in the bank, wasn't in any of my bags, i had nothing to do with it suddenly disappearing, yet the GMs told me basically tough $!@%, they can't restore it.


seriously just give me my belt back pls

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Poster: Caerrus at 8/8/2006 3:05:52 PM PDT
Subject: Re: lost lawbringer belt apparently after dwntime
   I'm very sorry, Cidolfas; but, as you were informed in the e-mail that you received in response to your petition, our Game Master staff will be unable to provide you with a restoration of this item. Restorations are offered in a very limited amount and you have been previously warned to take extreme caution when selling & repairing items. The loss of this item does not appear to be in any way connected to the weekly maintenance.

If you would like to pursue this matter further or submit feedback regarding the support you have received, I would suggest that you send an e-mail to Good luck, Cid.
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