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Poster: Whiteranger at 8/8/2006 2:38:46 PM PDT
Subject: Moving my character
   Okay I know there is a Paid cha transfer but I canot use it. I was woundering it move a character it still open. I have a friend on Mal'ganus that is lvl 37 and I want to play with him but the prob is I dont want to start a new char and try and catch up. On the seve Arthas I have a lvl 27 Warrior and 21 Rouge that I would like to switch over.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/8/2006 2:47:34 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Moving my character
   In order to transfer a character to another realm, it would be necessary to utilize the Paid Character Transfer Service, Whiteranger. The "Character Move" service is complete seperate from the Paid Character Transfer Service, and it is not currently active; but there is the possibility that it will become active again at some point in the future; though the Character Move feature offers a very limited selection of realms to transfer to/from. If you would like to move your characters from Arthas to Mal'Ganis, I would suggest taking a look at the Paid Character Transfer Service:
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