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Poster: Packer at 8/8/2006 12:30:18 PM PDT
Subject: All character transfers disabled?
   After lenthy discussion and analysis, my friend and I decided to transfer realms. Both us us had problems logging into the account management page last night. He was able to get in around midnight CST time and made the character transfer. I could not get in despite trying for several hours and had to go to bed (I had gotten in earlier in the evening to reactivate the account but couldn't get back in to make the move). I tried this morning at about 8:30 CST and the page was down. I finally got in the page now, and it says:

The Character Move feature is currently closed. Please watch for any announcements regarding the availability of Character Move.
We are looking into the possibility of allowing customers more freedom in transferring to realms of their choice in the future. No further details are currently available concerning this feature, but any new information (regarding this or similar services) will be posted on as soon as it is available.

My friend never ever would have transferred had we known I would be left behind. We both had canceled our accounts some time ago and reactivated *yesterday* solely for the reason of playing on this other realm with a few other people we know. *** Please note this is not that account - this is the account my husband plays on (paid by the same credit card). I am able to log into account management today with the account I reactivated yesterday but it says invalid account when I try to log into the forums.

Can someone please let me know what's going on? Is my only choice now to level up a new character as his new server to play with him? We leveled all of our characters up together in the year that we played WoW.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/8/2006 12:41:56 PM PDT
Subject: Re: All character transfers disabled?
   The "Character Move" service is seperate from the "Paid Character Transfer" service; which is what you appear to want. The Paid Character Transfer Service allows players to transfer their characters from their current realm to one of our eligible destination realms. You can find additional information and begin your transfer on the following page:

I'm sorry for the confusion and hope this helps. Good luck, Packer! :)
But hark, methinks a mortal doth approach...
Poster: Caerrus at 8/8/2006 12:56:29 PM PDT
Subject: Re: All character transfers disabled?
   My pleasure! :)

Be sure to keep an eye on your e-mail and the Transactions page, so that you know when the transfer is ready to be finalized. Enjoy!

Transactions page:
But hark, methinks a mortal doth approach...

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