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Poster: Carvel at 8/7/2006 3:10:44 PM PDT
Subject: Hard to beleive..please help
   (e mail form a friend requesting me to post here.)

So i went on vacation, when i came back i had an e-mail from blizz saying my main character had a transfer pending. Then an email saying transfer was succesfull. I log on to find my toon gone and all my other characters stripped. So i report it, only to have my account locked.. then i filed the paperwork. Now blizz phone lines are busy and I need to know if I will get my transferred character back or not. I would also like to know if the person who did this will get the account my character is now on banned. And how did someone transfer a character to an account with a different last name and address??

This is becoming a huge pain. Also this is not the account that was hacked as it is now disabled pending my paperwork approval. Had someone else post here in hopes of some kind of response as blizz phone lines have been busy all day.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/7/2006 3:21:03 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Hard to beleive..please help
   The owner of the account that has been compromised will need to submit an in-game petition as soon as possible. When a Game Master receives their petition, the GM will pass the information along to our Account Investigation Team; who will then investigate the account to verify the reported loss, determine the cause of the loss, and (if possible) provide the player with a restoration. The investigation process may take quite a while to complete, and we would therefore appreciate the player's patience. As soon as more information becomes available, an Investigator will contact the player via e-mail. I'm sorry for any confusion that this has caused, Carvel.

More information about compromised account investigations can be found here:
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