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Poster: Bigb at 8/7/2006 1:30:32 PM PDT
Subject: Alliance PvP Rank 10 leather helm graphic....
   The Alliance rank 10 pvp leather helm for rogues makes gnomes ears stick out. The old rank 10 helm and the current rank 13 helm do not make the lil gnomes ears stick out, but this rank 10 one does. Please fix...i look so silly!!!!

heres the rank 13 set without ears stickin out...

and heres the rank 10 set with ears stickin out!!

may seem like a stupid thing to post, but i was just wondering when or if this is gonna be fixed...i look like such a nub, im sure all the hordies are laughin at me!!!
Poster: Batta at 8/7/2006 2:20:50 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Alliance PvP Rank 10 leather helm graphic
   Hey there, Bigb. I can assure you that our development staff were made aware of the issue with several race's facial features clipping through the Lieutenant Commander's Leather Helm, and are working on a solution. You are likely to see this issue addressed in an upcoming patch. Until then, cover your ears and pay no attention to the Orc laughter.
I'll laugh until my head comes off

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