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Poster: Judeas at 8/7/2006 3:47:14 AM PDT
Subject: Honor Gone Missing... Again.
   So tonight I was playing for a few hours before I started to PvP. My first game was around 12am PDT, and my last game was about 3am. Shortly after playing an AV game, the honor for the day was reset.

I opened my honor tab to see what I earned... and nothing....

I had one honor kill that got added up. That was from back at 5pm PDT this afternoon. Some 50 honor kills and all the bonus honor from an AV game, as well as a "for great honor" turn-in never got added.

Also: I just noticed my honor tab says I have 21 honor kills for today, after the reset, when I haven't played a game or gotten a kill yet - could it be it won't be added until tonight?

Hopefully this doesn't end up being like 2 weeks ago.
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Poster: Berghe at 8/7/2006 3:49:03 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Honor Gone Missing... Again.
   Honorable Kills are calculated every night. Any Honorable Kills which occur between the 'cutoff time' and the time in which the calculation actually finishes will appear to be 'lost' the next day.

The 'lost' Honorable Kills will be tallied as normal the next night, and then the 'Yesterday' section will display the correct number, Judeas. :)

I apologize for any confusion, and I hope this helps to clarify the situation.
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