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Poster: Nickdomingez at 8/6/2006 11:03:03 PM PDT
Subject: Floating in the vortex...
   I found another post on this but I thought I would bring this to blizzard's attention. I was getting a summon for a UBRS group and when I got to blackrock mountain I found nobody around. So, I went inside the instance. It said I was in the wrong instance and I would be transported. So I walked back outside and opened up my map. I saw that strangly everyone was grouped somewhere around Tarren Mill. I then tried to run back in. At which point, I was suddenly transported to a swirling cloudy vortex in the sky, and died. Unable to hearth or move, I tried the auto unstuck feature which of course didnt work, then sent a ticket to Blizz. Been 30 min, still waiting. Meanwhile my group is going to have to kick me.
Poster: Berghe at 8/6/2006 11:11:18 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Floating in the vortex...

We work to address petitions as soon as possible, we apologize for the delay. I've confirmed that your petition bas been assigned to a Game Master and you will be contacted shortly. ;)

I'm sorry that your character encountered this issue, and I hope your group can hang in there only a short while longer.

Good luck with UBRS!
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