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Poster: Raymond at 8/6/2006 4:41:21 PM PDT
Subject: My brothers account was hacked.
   Well today my brother logged onto his account to find everything that he had destroyed. No mount / gold / armor, etc. Well as you can probly guess my brother is really sad. My brother sent in a ticket to the <GMs> not to long ago, and we just went to go eat food, came back and the account is banned. For Accounts being hacked is the account supposed to be banned? or whats up? (BTW we can't read any email blizz sends to him because the email registered is dead, and it hasnt been changed.) IDK if this is the right forum to post but any help would be >tly appreaciated. What I wanna know really is if the account is like under investigation since it was hacked. Or did it just get like perma banned or something??
Zug Zug
Poster: Kaone at 8/6/2006 4:53:43 PM PDT
Subject: Re: My brothers account was hacked.
   Hello Raymond,

I inquired into your brother's account. It indeed was reported compromised and it seems that it has been locked in order to enable your brother to re-secure the account. Meanwhile the case has been forwarded on for investigation into the reported compromise. As you mention the email address is invalid your brother will now need to get in contact with our Account Administration department so that the email address on the account can be updated. The fastest way to do this is via the Website E-mail Form on the World of Warcraft website at:

I wish your brother the best of luck with this.
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