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Poster: Bombur at 8/6/2006 1:27:49 PM PDT
Subject: Uh oh!
   I recently moved. I really want to change my address and my email address (since the original email address account was clsed due to inactivity) but I have lost my original game box. When I called and was waiting on hold they kept telling me that if I dodn't have my CD-Key use to create the account they wouldn't be able to help me.

I have no idea where the frickin box is. Is there anything I can do to change that info? I REALLY don't want to be accused of being an ebay buyer and get banned!
Poster: Caerrus at 8/6/2006 1:32:56 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Uh oh!
   It is possible to change the address on file for your account by going to the following page on our Account Management page:

However, changing the phone number or e-mail address on file for your account can only be accomplished by contacting our Billing and Account Services Department by phone at 1-800-592-5499 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm PDT). This is not something that the Game Master staff (in-game or here on the Customer Service Forum) will be able to assist you with. Good luck, Bombur.
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