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Poster: Keitho at 8/5/2006 11:56:50 PM PDT
Subject: Player Harrasment In and out of game.
   A player in game that was a officer in a guild I joined abused his powers against me and was asked to leave the guild or left because his powers were removed. He has since joined another guild and now he and members of that guild have verbally harassed me in game and in the WoW Bronzebeard forums. Every one of my posts contains at least 3-4 posts of off-topic basic hateful remarks.

The player has also started to harass my friends. Who is now canceling her account because a GM in game said there was nothing the GMs could do. I fail to see how this is possible. I tried to ignore the player in game, only for his lower lvl alts and new guild friends to send hateful tells or even in AV i was removed from the Raid group simply cause he told the leader that i was a ninja looter or a noob.

I've asked this player in forums and had a lvl1 alt send him a letter in game asking to please leave me and my friends alone and I would do the same. But the hate continues. Click on ANY of the threads I have started and the player and his buddies are in it posting hateful replys.

How can you do nothing GMs? I got a Warning for saying a very minor curse in defense channel, but when a player harasses 2 players in game and in the WoW forums makes 1 person cancel there account over it you can do nothing?

The GM I talked to in game said all you could do is have me post a ticket the next time he sends tells to me, and to use the Biohazard sign in the forums. Well I tried that I took 30 mins outta my life to flag all of there posts in my threads with hateful replys and 0 thats right 0 have been removed.

If you take the time to read the forums for 5 minutes you will see the player is clearly spamming any thread post I start and now has caused a very good friend of mine to quit the game! After I got her to come here and pay her $40 to upgrade from her demo account, and now shes going to quit. AND unless you Gms tell me you can do something about this players blatant harassment I will also be leave this game.

I don't care if its a player that just calls me something and then we just ignore each other. But when the player has the power to spread rumors through the forums and in game that cause me to be kicked out of a AV raid group, have a guild application declined, and then makes a friend of mine leave the game thats way past the line Blizzard!
Poster: Pavonum at 8/6/2006 12:40:21 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Player Harrasment In and out of game.
   Truthfully, Keitho, I saw quite a bit of animosity on both sides of this apparent dispute when I ventured over to the Bronzebeard realm forum; you and this other player have each contributed to several petty arguments here on the forums, so it seems misleading to paint the picture as an innocent person being persecuted for no reason. That said, I've taken the liberty of pruning some of the more inflammatory comments, and would strongly advise that you try not to fan the flames further in the future; instead, please simply use the "biohazard" symbol to report posts as being inappropriate, or e-mail, and our Forum Moderators shall investigate further. Thanks. :)

As for any harassment which may be taking place in-game, I can assure you that we are quite concerned with ensuring that all players' gameplay remains as smooth and pleasant as is possible; if at any time you feel that another player's speech or actions are diminishing your enjoyment of the game, I would encourage you to submit an in-game petition under the category of "Harassment," by which you may report them to the Game Master Department. Please be certain to include the specific name -- or names -- of those whom you wish to bring to our attention, as well as an approximate timeframe during which the infraction occurred, and a brief description of their inappropriate behaviour.

Armed with that information, we shall look into the matter and take any and all appropriate actions in response to your claim. Please bear in mind, however, that the specific repercussions for each individual breach of policy depend both on the enormity of the current offense and the number and severity of prior infractions; thus, not all instances of harassment shall result in temporary suspension from the game, nor will we ever divulge the results of our investigation, due to privacy concerns. We appreciate your continued diligence, Keitho, and apologise for any distress these players' actions may have caused you. Please believe me when I say that your claims are not being ignored, friend. :)
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Poster: Pavonum at 8/6/2006 12:59:07 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Player Harrasment In and out of game.

Q u o t e:
>.< he started it..
Ill try to Get Minotaure to come back. Is it possible that blizzard could move me my wifes character and Mino and salix to another server?
W/O having to pay for it. THis wold be a Easy fix to the situation. But I refuse to transfer if I cant take atleast my wife and best friend.

I'm sorry to say that Silm is correct, Keitho; the only circumstances under which you (or your friends) may transfer off Bronzebeard is by way of our Paid Character Transfer service, or, possibly, a future free realm transfer for the sake of population balance as a whole. There is no guarantee of the latter, however. My apologies, friend. :)
Ce sont ces fenêtres qui m'appellent...
Poster: Pavonum at 8/6/2006 1:05:07 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Player Harrasment In and out of game.

Q u o t e:
you cant just send him a lil warning for harrasment email could you? Im sure just the apearence that GM's are watching him would stop this nonsence.

If there is a specific instance of harassment which you wish to report, Keitho, please do so via in-game petition, and the Game Master assigned to your case shall do whatever is necessary to resolve the matter. I may not, however, merely send a "warning shot" across his bow, as it were. Please use the avenues I've offered to you, and we'll look into it. :)
Ce sont ces fenêtres qui m'appellent...
Poster: Batta at 8/7/2006 11:33:28 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Player Harrasment In and out of game.
   If there are any repeated or continual issues of harassment pertaining to in-game chat or the World of Warcraft forums, I suggest using the methods Pavonum has described in detail to go about seeing the matter addressed. If I may offer one thought on the matter - there are millions of players in the World of Warcraft, it can't be that hard to simply avoid one or two of them if you don't get along. Recreating the drama in this thread with he said, he said will not adequately instigate a resolution on our end (other than to possibly lock/delete the thread and issue vacations from our forums).

So, please, let's move on... I'm no Springer. ; x

Edit: Senna offers sound advice on the subject as well.

[ post edited by Batta ]

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